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There are multiple way to get involved or help those who are affected by blindness due to the LCA.   


  • DONATION:  The simplest ways to do so is to donate via the "Make a Donation" on the top right of this page.  As Drew's Beacon is run by volunteers, your donation will go to a local organization that supports the blind, will provide funding to advance research for the treatment of LCA-CRX and/or will be used by Drew's Beacon for Blindness to create additional fundraising opportunities.  We are also always in need of items that can be auctioned at one of our events.  

  • CONDUCT A FUNDRAISER: If you are willing to conduct a fundraiser, we will work with you to provide everything you need.  There are numerous fundraiser ideas available. Please do reach out to us below and we can help you.   

  • VOLUNTEER We are looking to add additional volunteers to help with various areas of our organization.  Much of our activities are focused on fundraising, but we always need help in many different ways.  Please bring your special your talents, qualifications and skills to our team.

  • JOIN OUR TEAM:   We are looking to unite additional families who are affected by LCA-CRX and make them part of the Drew's Beacon for Blindness Team.  We are currently one group of family and friends in the Philadelphia area.  How influential could we be if multiple families were united across the United States with a single goal?  

  • BECOME A SPONSOR:  We are looking for companies that would be willing to be a sponsor at one of our events.  With Sponsorship, we would work with you make your contribution known to our community.

If you and interested in any of the above opportunities to transform the lives of those affect by blindness, please do reach out to us.  

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