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We are dedicated to support the needs of individuals who are blind and the families.  We are currently support schools and similar institutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and to plan to expand to other states.   


We have started to provide assistance and we are looking for additional ways to help.  Please do reach out to us and we can provide guidance on our request process.  

DBB's Visionary Grant

Drew's Beacon for Blindness is proud to introduce it's first "visionary grant."  The purpose of this grant is to provide resources teachers, coaches, or professional staff working with students with visual impairments.  For more information, click the link below.


Download DBB Visionary Grant Form here 

Saint Lucy Day School for Children with Visual Impairments

Drew's Beacon for Blindness supplied 30 students at the St. Lucy's  Day School for Children with Visual Impairments with the award-winning KNFB Reader Application. The KNFB reader application will quickly and easily convert a print photo to speech, Braille, or easy to read highlighted text for low vision or blind people.  

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